Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

Why See A Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)

You may ask yourself why is my physician referring me to see a hand and upper extremity specialist for my arm injury or problem?

To answer that question, a Certified Hand Therapist is a specialist in the field of either Occupational or Physical Therapy that has undergone additional training and testing to earn the designation of CHT or title Certified Hand Therapist. They are a trained specialist related directly to the upper extremity, which encompasses the shoulder to the fingers. The process to become a CHT requires the following:

  • Practice for at least 3 years
  • Complete 4000 hours of direct patient care related to hand and upper extremity
  • Sit for and pass the rigorous exam, which tests on the entire upper extremity

Working in this focused area of the body, CHT’s are more in tune with assisting your rehabilitation. They have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the body, the mechanics of how each structure works, and how injuries complicate the healing process. Hand and upper extremity rehabilitation can become very intricate and complicated during the rehab process but a Certified Hand Therapist can direct you through this difficult time and get you back to everyday life.

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapists can treat a large variety of diagnoses: fractures, arthritis (osteoarthritis, psoriatic and rheumatoid), multi-trauma, compression syndromes, activity analysis of body postures and mechanics, tendon and nerve laceration, tendonitis, and an extensive list of other diagnoses. Learn more about The Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center.

Help us in celebrating our Hand and Upper Extremity Therapist June 7-13, 2021 with Hand Therapy Week.