Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

Incorporating exercise safely

Physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for yourself both mentally and physically.  The New Year brings thoughts of New Year’s resolutions and goals. Many times those goals revolve around healthy living and a fresh start to the new year. So even if you are a newbie to the exercise world or a very active individual here are some tips to help make sure you exercise safely.

  • Warm Up: Always start with active stretching/dynamic movements. Think about warming up the body with walking, slow paced biking, or shallow half movements like a half squat. This helps to prepare the body for activities. 5- 10 minutes
  • Static Stretching: This helps to lubricate the joints and enhance your range of motion. Stretch just until you feel a gentle pull in your muscles and hold for 10-30 seconds. The stretch shouldn’t be painful.
  • When beginning to exercises start with lower weights, perform 1 set of 8-12 reps. Machines are usually on a track type of system and reduced the risk of the weights creating torque on the hand/wrist.
  • Larger handles of weight machine or free weights also provided a safer position for the thumb.
  • When weight bearing utilize a yoga mat under the palm portion of the wrist to lessen the load that is transferred into the hand.  
  • Cool Down: Always make sure to cool down the body after strenuous activities.  This can be those same stretching exercises you performed during the warm up and static stretching.
  • Make sure to go slow. Your body will feel the effects of the workout about 24-48 hours after you work out.  

Best of luck as you enjoy the new year, new you while you exercise safely! If you do encounter a setback due to an injury, the team at The Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center is here to help!