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Our outpatient Concussion Recovery Program specializes in working with patients experiencing the cognitive, emotional, and physical effects of a concussion. Our occupational therapists work with individuals at all stages of recovery providing expertise in neurological rehabilitation and evidence-based approaches to help them engage and improve their success in meaningful life roles and activities. We also conduct a monthly post-concussion support group to help aid in the adjustment. Our goal is to make concussion recovery manageable by enhancing patients’ understanding of the effects of brain injury while helping them gain the tools to succeed in daily life. We tailor our approach to each patient’s unique needs.


  • Assessment of return to work or school readiness+guidance and assistance with accommodations
  • Collaboration with the doctor and health care team to ensure comprehensive, quality care
  • Functional coping skills for stress management
  • Post-concussion symptom management strategies
  • Self-advocacy and self-management coaching
  • Skilled education on strategies for improved performance in the home, community, and workplace
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