Upon receiving the request for occupational therapy services, our scheduling coordinator will verify insurance and payment information prior to your first appointment. Once the payer source has been identified and deemed active for payment, our scheduling office will follow-up with you to schedule your appointment at a time convenient for you.

Please bring a copy of your insurance card with you to your initial appointment, so that our therapist can verify that our records are accurate within the billing system at Washington University. Please note that we are required to re-verify our clients’ insurance policies every 30 days. If your appointment is scheduled in your home, school, or other off-site location, please be sure to have a copy of your insurance card available for review and verification by our clinician. He/she may also verify I.D. information by looking at a valid drivers license, passport, or state I.D. to ensure that service is being rendered to the correct party.

Please be sure to notify your occupational therapist if there are any changes or updates to your policy throughout the time of your therapy services. We will not be collecting payment at time of service, but will submit the claim within 24 hours of the visit to the payer source/insurance company. Please note: clients are responsible for deductibles, and may be subject to out-of-pocket expenses based on their individual plan.

Financial services for patients are managed by the Washington University Physicians Billing Service (PBS). They provide coordinated physician charge processing, insurance claim submission, insurance claim follow-up and self-pay collections for physician services in all departments at the School of Medicine. All patients of Washington University Physicians are eligible for their assistance in collecting payment from their insurance companies, managed care organizations and HMOs for their medical charges.

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