Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

Milliken Celebrates 50 years of Helping Hands!

Some years are more special than others in the life of a clinic, this happens to be the case for the Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center in 2021. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Milliken and its dedication to helping hands and working with physicians to provide outstanding patient care. To honor this milestone a gathering of past and present therapists was held to honor the 5 decades of work that has taken place.

Here are a few photos of the past and present therapists that were at the celebration event.

In addition to having a 50th-anniversary celebration event, Milliken has launched the “Meet Milliken” video series highlighting our outstanding therapists and allowing them to talk about the work that they enjoy doing, and giving our patients a chance to learn more about who they may be working with. View our first two videos here!