Children, Youth, and Family (CYF)

Whether it’s helping students develop the skills they need to perform schoolwork and succeed in the classroom or working with kids in the clinic, home, or community setting, our clinicians are trained to address a wide variety of needs within each of these environments and tailor the treatment to best meet each child and family’s goals.

Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (CBIT)

Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (CBIT) is a non-drug treatment that teaches strategies to clients with tic disorders to help them reduce and better manage tics. CBIT may also benefit persons with Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Early Intervention

Our early childhood therapists work with kids ages 0-3 to ensure they are well-equipped to succeed socially and developmentally. By involving the whole family, our team works to build awareness about the child’s strengths, as well as any challenges that may exist.

Hearing, Balance, and Participation

Through a partnership with the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID), our specially-trained occupational therapists evaluate, consult, and treat children who are deaf or hard of hearing (HH) by addressing social, play, self-care, motor, cognitive, and sensory performance activities.

Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

One of the first three hand rehabilitation facilities established in the U.S. With over 60 years of experience treating complex and common injuries, Milliken’s occupational, physical and certified hand therapists provide care alongside Washington University Physicians.

NICU-Transition Services

Our NICU Transition Service is an in-home therapy that is the bridge between therapy at the hospital and services available in the community.  This program teaches you strategies to help your baby and ensures therapy services are received after NICU discharge.

Pediatric self-regulation

Children regularly experience ups and downs when they are trying to manage their feelings and frustrations. Occupational therapy helps kids learn to master the skill of self-regulation and better equips them to learn, grow and succeed at home and in the classroom.

Wheelchair, Seating, Mobility & Assistive Technology

There are many ways to configure a wheelchair and numerous factors that must be taken into consideration. Our seating and mobility experts are uniquely trained to assess a client’s mobility needs, and ready to help make recommendations tailored to you.