ADHD & Executive Dysfunction

ADHD & Executive Dysfunction child working with OT.

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Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or with executive dysfunction may experience a variety of difficulties on a day to day basis including:

• Struggling with initiating and completing morning and evening routines
• Failing to pay close attention to detail on school work
• Impaired ability to follow through with written or verbal directions
• Difficulty with sustaining attention to tasks
• Struggling with maintaining organization of personal items
• Losing things easily
• Difficulty with remaining seated during class or homework tasks
• Blurting out answers or responses
• Struggling with shifting between tasks
• Impaired letter formation when writing
• Difficulty with word finding during written school work
• Struggling with setting and revising plans during tasks


• Assess how the person, task, and environment factors interact together
• Utilize a collaborative coaching approach between the therapist, patient, and family
• Make recommendations for changes and educate patient and family with adaptive strategies and self-management techniques for maximizing independence and transition into next steps between childhood, adolescent and adulthood
• Educate on ways to support child within school setting

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