NICU-Transition Services

Please call (314) 286-1669 Opt. #1 to schedule an appointment.

Therapist providing treatment:

If you join the NICU program, our specially-trained therapist will come to the hospital to meet with you, your baby and your baby’s care team. The therapist will learn how your baby has been doing and what to continue working on when your baby goes home. He or she will do an assessment with your baby before you go home from the hospital. Using this information, along with the information from the medical team at the hospital, the therapist will create specific goals and plans for your baby.

Once you take your baby home, the therapist will come to your home once a week. Together, you and the therapist will work on goals and skills to help your baby grow and develop. The visits will continue once a week until other therapy services start.

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Please call (314) 286-1669 Opt. #1 to schedule an appointment.

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