Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

Back2School Ergonomic Safety Tips

Back to school is always a busy time of the year with an array of emotions.  As you change routines and adjust to new activities, there are precautions you can take to avoid injuries.  Here are a few guidelines to follow to help prevent injuries:

  • Backpacks
    • make sure you have a backpack that fits correctly.  It’s recommended to only carry 10-20% of your bodyweight, with the following suggestions (
Body Weight (in pounds)Backpack weight (in pounds)
  • If it is too large, it is difficult to maintain good posture when carrying your bag. 
  • Sitting
    • sitting up straight with shoulder blades gently squeezed together don’t let your head sit forward
    • avoiding resting on your elbows to prevent extra stress on the nerves in your arms                    
  • Pen/pencils
    • Use pencil grips or larger girth pens – to use less muscle force with writing.  This can allow you to write longer with less discomfort or fatigue.   
  • Take breaks – if you are studying or writing papers and sitting for extended time periods, make sure to get up from your seat and take breaks frequently. 

Have a great school year!