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Train Your Brain Summer Camp

Summer is a time for us to relax and take a load off of our brains that we’ve been putting to heavy use throughout the academic year. But for children with executive dysfunction, the long summer break with a lack of structure can hurt their brains’ ability to maintain what they just learned in school, because of this we offer Train Your Brain Summer Camp! Our executive functions are the cognitive skills that help us make and carry out a plan, such as setting up a lemonade stand, playing hide and go seek with friends, or completing a book report. Children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, or learning disabilities often have difficulty with executive functioning skills, but children with other diagnoses, or even without a diagnosis, can also struggle.

To support these children during the unstructured summer months, Washington University Occupational Therapy offers Train Your Brain, a week-long, half-day summer camp to support children’s executive functioning skills. This year, Designed with fun in mind, this camp will support your child in using the critical skills needed for successfully planning a project and carrying out the plan. Using evidence-based and fun activities, your child will design a bridge and test its strength and durability. While learning the simple science behind what is needed to design a bridge, campers will spend equal time using strategies for time management, organization, attention, and emotional – regulation. Camp will culminate in an exciting day of bridge-building, testing, and re-vamping that combines the planning skills learned and practiced during the week! These real-world skills come with tangible strategies that campers can use at home and in the upcoming school year. For more information about Train Your Brain, or to register, click on the link or email Kaylee Breitenbucher, MOT, OTR/L to discuss how this camp would benefit your child!