A Brain Training Boost

Executive functioning (EF) skills are important for our everyday lives, including self-care, school, work, social interactions, and leisure activities. But a myriad of diagnoses and disorders can impair these critical cognitive skills in our children, from ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, to cancer and chemotherapy treatment, and mood disorders. Executive functioning delays and deficits can […]

Summer Activities For The Kids

Summer Activities For Kids

The start of summer is such a fun and exciting time for kids!  But, for many the lazy, hazy days of summer can start to drag if the kids are bored or spend too much time in front of the screen.  However, with a little bit of planning, it’s easy to keep kids engaged in […]

Common Sense of Learned Skills?

Activity at Train Your Brain Summer Camp

Parents – does this sound like you? If so, then you are most definitely NOT alone! Some of these skills may seem like common sense. Skills in one area, like math or tinkering and building, are strengths for our children. But these skills don’t necessarily translate to other important areas of functioning, like remembering to […]

Keep Kids Active During Summer Break

Active Kids Summer Camp

While the school year might be over and “traditional” learning is on pause for a few months, the summer is a great time to help kids continue to learn and gain skills.  Keeping kids active and learning over the summer helps make sure they are ready for the grade ahead and don’t regress in any […]

Your Kid Needs a Brain Break

Active Kids Summer Camp

After the school year that our kids just went through, their brains are fried. Isn’t yours? Especially for our children with learning needs, this year’s virtual learning environment presented huge challenges. We are multisensory beings in a vibrant environment, and we learn through all of our senses. Online school only gives our children visual and […]

Train Your Brain Summer Camp

Activity at Train Your Brain Summer Camp

Summer is a time for us to relax and take a load off of our brains that we’ve been putting to heavy use throughout the academic year. But for children with executive dysfunction, the long summer break with a lack of structure can hurt their brains’ ability to maintain what they just learned in school, […]

Summer Activities For Kids!

Kids Sunglasses

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and learning throughout the summer.  But it seems like this summer, the need for summer activities for kids are even more apparent.  The school year did not wrap up the way it was intended; many homes were turned into classrooms, and many parents were […]