Transition Time: Back2School

Smiling Student Heading to School

Starting a new school year can be stressful for all members of the household. While the return to school will be exciting for some students (and maybe a welcome change for parents), others may be feeling anxious or frightened about heading to school for possibly the first time or attending a new school. Here are […]

Ergonomics For School

Proper Backpack Fit

Here we are again, it’s August and the return to school has happened! In my house, emotions are constantly changing about the return to school. There is excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and readiness for the routine of the school year to resume. What you may not have thought about are the possible injuries that can occur […]

Keeping School Lunches Interesting

School Lunch

It’s back-to-school season and children are heading to the classroom for a new school year filled with learning, growing, playing, and not to be forgotten, eating! School lunches and snacks are important opportunities for your child to eat and get the energy they need to learn and to participate in classroom activities. But if your […]

Ergonomics & backpack tips for back to school

Backpack tips; Children with Backpacks

Back to school is always a busy time of the year with an array of emotions. There are precautions you can take to avoid injuries with these ergonomics and backpack tips. Have a great school year! Learn more about the Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center…

Solutions for common childhood school-related problems

Active Kids Summer Camp

With back to school mode in full swing, how can you help your children stay on top of all they’ve got to do, without you losing your mind? Check out the quick tips below to solve some common childhood school-related problems. Solution: Make time visual. Our kids benefit from planners just as much as we […]