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Solutions for common childhood school-related problems

With back to school mode in full swing, how can you help your children stay on top of all they’ve got to do, without you losing your mind? Check out the quick tips below to solve some common childhood school-related problems.

  • Problem: Whining about too much homework.

Solution: Make time visual. Our kids benefit from planners just as much as we do. Specifically, highlight the amount of free time children have versus the amount of homework time they have. Your children will be amazed. An analog clock (drawn on with dry-erase markers) can also help a child envision how long their homework task may take.

  • Problem: Messy backpack

Solution: Ditch the backpack altogether buy your child an old-school Trapper Keeper. Make sure there is ample space for a pencil pouch and folders. Color code everything and take the time to sit with your child and organize the binder every day.

  • Problem: Losing homework assignments and supplies

Solution: Create a unique workspace where you live just for homework. Be sure to stock it with plenty of pencils, a pencil sharpener, erasers, and any other essentials for your child’s homework needs.

  • Problem: Too many extra-curricular activities.

Solution: Set aside one-on-one time for you and your child at least once per week. Don’t schedule anything structured. Talk about the day, play an impromptu game, or read a favorite book together.

Especially for children who struggle with school, even small tasks can seem overwhelming. Make sure you have resources for yourself, your child, and your child’s teacher throughout the school year to help support you. Check out Understood.org for practical tips for organization, learning, and more.

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