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Hand Safety During Thanksgiving Meal Prep

As our focus shifts from pumpkin carving to Thanksgiving turkey cooking, this cherished American tradition is all about gathering with loved ones and sharing gratitude. Unfortunately, this day of eating is primetime for some common holiday injuries and turkey troubles. Throughout the year 1 in 10 ER visits are related to hand injuries. On Thanksgiving, knife-related injuries and burns are even more common. In addition, the Fire Departments respond to more than 1000 fires related to deep fryers every year.

How to prevent cuts and burns:

  • Eliminate distraction while handling knives.
  • Make sure the knife is sharp. A dull knife requires more pressure to cut.
  • Curl your fingers in and cut away from your body when trimming or deboning.
  • When carrying a knife, keep it to your side with the point down and cutting edge away from you.
  • Clean the knife immediately; do not put them in the sink.
  • DO NOT pour water on grease fires; this just causes the grease to spread and splatter.
  • Keep young kids out of the kitchen if possible, but if not; use the back burners, turn all pot handles inward, push hot mugs and anything dangerous away from the edge of the counter.

Turkey deep-fryer precautions:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a deep-fryer.
  • Use the deep-fryer outdoors on a stable, non-combustible surface.
  • Make sure the turkey is completely thawed and patted dry.
  • Never leave a deep-fryer unattended.
  • Keep the deep-fryer out of reach of children or pets who could accidentally knock it over.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case.

From the Milliken team, we hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! If you do find yourself needing assistance for an injury related to your hands, wrist or upper extremity, Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center is here to help!

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