Sleep Positioning and Nerve Compression Syndromes

Sleep Positioning

Does your sleep positioning make the nerves in your arm cranky? Have you ever awoken from a sound sleep unable to “find” your arm in space? Have you noticed that when you wake up in the middle of the night, your fingers are numb and tingling? You may be sleeping in positions that stress the […]

What Is Raynaud’s?

Referred to as a disease or a phenomenon, this condition involves vasospasm of the small arteries in fingers and toes.  Symptoms usually include extreme coldness in the affected digits followed by numbness.  Color changes in digital tips progress from normal, to white, to blue, to red as blood flow returns. Episodes are linked with exposure […]

Avoid Injury While Staying On Top of Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Stretching exercises to avoid injury

At the start of each new year, many people set physical fitness goals. Consequently, it is common to see an increase in exercise-related injuries in our clinic around the start of the year. If increasing physical activity is a part of your New Year’s plan it is important to follow some basic guidelines to avoid […]

Winter Tips For Fall Prevention

Adults, snow scene, countryside

Winter is a busy time of year with many people out and about. As the temperature drops and winter weather occurs, the rate of injury is sure to increase with falls becoming more frequent. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury among all ages, even more so for older adults. The Centers for […]

Hand Safety During Thanksgiving Meal Prep

Thanksgiving Hand Safety

As our focus shifts from pumpkin carving to Thanksgiving turkey cooking, this cherished American tradition is all about gathering with loved ones and sharing gratitude. Unfortunately, this day of eating is primetime for some common holiday injuries and turkey troubles. Throughout the year 1 in 10 ER visits are related to hand injuries. On Thanksgiving, […]

“Beating Pain” – ASHT Traveling Course – November 2nd, 2019

Certified Hand Therapist

Do you or your colleagues treat patients that suffer from pain in their hands? Join us as we host the American Society of Hand Therapists and their traveling course, “Beating Pain.” This full-day course will review contemporary pathophysiological mechanisms underlying pain. Using insights into the somatosensory experience of pain, specific assessments and treatment strategies will […]

Pain Management for the Hand & Upper Extremity

Hand Pain Management

Joint immobilization is an effective strategy in the acute phase of upper extremity pain, particularly among those with arthritis and tendonitis conditions. A removable orthosis (or splint) is helpful to provide rest, prevent joint or tendon irritation, and alleviate pain associated with hand use. Orthoses are encouraged for the initial two to three weeks, and […]

Ergonomics & backpack tips for back to school

Backpack tips; Children with Backpacks

Back to school is always a busy time of the year with an array of emotions. There are precautions you can take to avoid injuries with these ergonomics and backpack tips. Have a great school year! Learn more about the Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center…

Cancer Therapy Services

Cancer Therapy Services

Washington University Occupational Therapy provides multiple services to help patients with cancer therapy. Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center can better prepare you for what to expect before your surgery as well as assist you in your recovery and ultimately helping to return you back to living your life to the fullest. Our cancer therapy services include: […]

Mallet Finger Injury

Mallet finger injuries (also known as Baseball finger) generally occur during sports-related activities (baseball, softball, soccer, kickball, etc.). This injury can happen to any athlete at any age. It occurs when a force, or in this case a ball, strikes the end of the finger. It will force the fingertip to bend, causing damage to the tendon that allows it to straighten. This diagnosis can be mistaken for a “ball jamming” injury.