Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

Cancer Therapy Services

Washington University Occupational Therapy provides multiple services to help patients with cancer therapy. Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center can better prepare you for what to expect before your surgery as well as assist you in your recovery and ultimately helping to return you back to living your life to the fullest. Our cancer therapy services include:

  • Education about outside programs as well as options within Siteman Cancer Center that can assist you and your family during this difficult transition.
  • Provide a custom exercise program before surgery to mitigate side effects and after to help with recovery.
  • Demonstrate and educate on scar mobility and healing process.
  • Additional Cancer Survivorship services are offered by Washington University Occupational Therapy that can assist with “chemo brain” issues that sometimes occur and help you with strategies to improve your everyday life.
  • Our Cancer Survivorship OT’s have the availability to meet you in your home, in the community or at our clinic to address real-time needs.
  • Occupational Therapy is there for you with answers to your questions and concerns. We can help you manage your care by directing you to the best and providing you with the best.

Consider contacting Washington University Occupational Therapy before you have surgery and see how being more prepared and educated makes your cancer journey as comfortable as it can be.

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