Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center OT Clinical Services

2020 Clinical Publications Work

In 2020 our Therapists provided their expertise to the following Clinical Publications & Journals:

  • Annals of Surgery
  • Hand Therapy
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • The Journal of Hand Therapy


Berlet, L., & Kaskutas, V. (2020). Developing occupation kits in a Hand Therapy Student Experiential Learning Clinic. Hand Therapy25(2), 73-82.

Cochrane, S. K., Calfee, R. P., Stonner, M. M., & Dale, A. M. (2020). The relationship between depression, anxiety, and pain interference with therapy referral and utilization among patients with hand conditionsJournal of Hand Therapy

McQueen, K. S., Powell, R. K., Keener, T., Whalley, R., & Calfee, R. P. (2020). Role of strengthening during nonoperative treatment of lateral epicondyle tendinopathyJournal of Hand Therapy.

Power, H. A., Kahn, L. C., Patterson, M. M., Yee, A., Moore, A. M., & Mackinnon, S. E. (2020). Refining indications for the supercharge end-to-side anterior interosseous to ulnar motor nerve transfer in cubital tunnel syndromePlastic and reconstructive surgery145(1), 106e-116e.

Stonner, M. M., Mackinnon, S. E., & Kaskutas, V. (2020). Predictors of functional outcome after peripheral nerve injury and compressionJournal of Hand Therapy.

Yee, A., Padovano, W. M., Fox, I. K., Hill, E. J., Rowe, A. G., Brunt, L. M., Kahn, L. C., & Mackinnon, S. E. (2020). Video-based learning in surgery: establishing surgeon engagement and utilization of variable-duration videosAnnals of Surgery272(6), 1012-1019.

Stay tuned for a new Clinical Publications section on our website to keep up with the work our Therapists are doing to advance healthcare.