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Stroke Clinic For The Community

Washington University Occupational Therapy operates a student-run stroke clinic with the guidance and oversight of licensed Occupational Therapists. The clinic offers free services for under-resourced patients to help increase safety and independence for people following a stroke. We work to empower our patients and families by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to best manage their health, while also providing an opportunity to enrich our student’s education through this real-world clinical experience. During our interactions with patients and families, we commit to:

  • Listening to our patients and their families.
  • Providing experiences that are unique to each person’s health and functional needs.
  • Exploring the home environment and personal support available for each patient to help them be safe, healthy, and functional.
  • Partnering together with physicians, families, communities, and other professionals to deliver the best care possible.
We are now accepting referrals and new patients for the Fall Semester! Please contact The Student Stroke Clinic at (314) 286 – 1615 or email otstrokeclinic@wustl.edu for more information.

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