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Spinal Cord Injury/Disease Programs


Are you working with or know patients that are experiencing Spinal Cord Injury/Disease? Washington University Occupational Therapy has programming and information below for you to share with them!

Washington University and The Orthwein Center at Paraquad provide a variety of services for people with spinal cord injury/disease (SCI/D).  If needing a wheelchair seating evaluation, our ATP-certified clinicians can meet clients at their home with their vendor of choice or make an appointment at our seating clinic, located at 5200 Berthold (Suite B) inside the Orthwein Center at Paraquad. Patients with Medicare, Private Insurance or Vocational Rehabilitation funding may be eligible for a new mobility device or in need of a new cushion. For Spinal cord (SCI/D) patients who may un or under-insured, we provide a free student-led OT clinic with groups and optional one-on-one sessions supervised by a licensed occupational therapist.  For more information, contact Carla Walker at walkerc@wustl.edu  (314) 273-7011.


The Enabling Mobility in the Community Laboratory, also housed within the Stephen A. Orthwein Center at Paraquad, is a community-based research lab that has research opportunities available for people with mobility disabilities (ie wheelchair training for persons with disabilities, exercise, and managing chronic conditions) Contact Kim Walker at (314)273-7010 or walker.k@wustl.edu


  • 1:1 Exercise Training In-person and remotely: Work with an Adapted Exercise Specialist to develop condition-specific exercises, use specialty equipment, achieve specific fitness/athletic goals, and more!
  • FES Therapy: Use state-of-the-art Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) equipment, including an RT300 Leg|Arm|Core cycle and Xcite, to increase strength, decrease spasticity, improve circulation, and improve range of motion.
  • Wellness of Operating Wheelchairs (WOW) Program

Contact us at (314) 289-4202 or ccaciano@paraquad.org

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