Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center

Scars and The Sun

We are now into the heat of the summer here in St Louis, let’s talk about Scars and The Sun! Add in social distancing activities and that means lots of outdoor time. If you have a new scar, make sure to not neglect it during those fun summer events. Too much sun exposure can cause a scar to discolor and not change to a nice faded line. The scar can also become more thick and hard.

A new scar is any scar that is still pink while a mature scar is any scar that is the same color as your skin or slightly lighter in color. It is very important to keep any new scars out of the sun for six months to one year. Basically, it should be covered until it turns into a mature scar. The best way to keep a scar out of the sun is to cover it with clothing, some sort of tape or even an adhesive bandage if it is small enough. Using a good sunscreen can also be a good option, but make sure to reapply often particularly after a water activity.

Now that you are ready and prepared to face the sun with your scars, go enjoy the rest of your summer! If you are needing consultation or assistance with a hand, wrist, or upper extremity injury this summer don’t hesitate to give the Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center a call, our team is here to help!