Physical Activity As An Occupation

Physical Activity

Did you know physical activity is a main occupation for all human beings?  It just happens to fall under a larger umbrella “occupation” known as Health Management.  On a daily basis, we engage in many activities aimed at developing, managing, and maintaining health and well-being routines in order to support being able to participate in […]

What Is Coronasomnia?

Man issue sleeping

One year has passed since the world shut down in response to the pandemic. During that time, life has been full of unexpected twists and turns. Who has not laid awake in the bed during the pandemic, restless and wondering what is going to happen next or asking how will everything get done? Those periods […]

Juggling Roles and Maintaining Sanity in the Time of Self-Quarantine

Juggling Roles; Stressed Mom

Juggling roles during a major life event takes some time to transition, both physically and mentally. But recently, we’ve all been forced through multiple major transitions with little time to process and things constantly changing. No matter what your role is during these uncertain times, there are steps you can take to set up yourself, […]