Driving evaluation and rehabilitation services

Driving Evaluation

Please call (314) 286-1640 or email OTClinical@wustl.edu to schedule an appointment.

Therapist providing treatment:

What is a comprehensive driving evaluation?

A comprehensive driving evaluation provides an individual with valuable information on their driving ability which may be affected by various medical conditions.

Occupational Therapy Driving Rehabilitation Specialists perform driving assessments and interventions. Peggy Barco, OTD/L, SCDCM, CDRS, FAOTA, Associate Professor at Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy and Department of Medicine is a certified driving rehabilitation specialist who is also available for consultation or questions on specific situations.

A driving evaluation includes:

  • Screens of vision, motor, and cognitive function related to fitness to drive
  • An on-road evaluation in our car which is equipped with a passenger-side brake for safety
  • Driving recommendations are provided to the patient and referring physician. The patient will follow up with their referring physician for final decisions related to driving recommendations.
  • Driving Rehabilitation Services may include education, coordination of guided home programs to build driving skills, and/or in-car training with a therapy driving rehabilitation specialist.

Our goal

We’re here to help individuals with various medical conditions begin, resume, or retain the ability
to drive for as long as safely possible. Recommendations are individualized to the person’s medical
condition and the type of driving they desire to do. Our sensitive and experienced staff will assist
you every step of the way.

To schedule you will need:
1. Physician’s referral (below are instructions for EPIC) Select: Internal Referral to Washington
University Select: Ambulatory Referral order to Occupational Therapy
Department Information: WU OT 4444FP 2206

2. Valid driver’s license or permit

3. A family member or friend who can be present during
parts of the evaluation process
Location Information:
4444 Forest Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63108

Located on the South/West corner of Forest Park Avenue and Newstead Avenue. Convienent parking in
front of the building

For questions about cost and payment options, or to schedule an appointment please contact our
(314) 286-1640

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Please call (314) 286-1640 or email OTClinical@wustl.edu to schedule an appointment.

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